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            Annual Packaging Seminar to Discuss Design Limits
            Time:2014-9-25 14:49:03 Read:6281次 【Typeface:

            The Microelectronics Packaging & Test Engineering Council (MEPTEC) will be holding the 2014 MEPTEC Semiconductor Packaging Technology Symposium on October 23, 2014, at the Biltmore Hotel in Santa Clara, California.

            In the areas of both design and manufacturing, the industry is pushing the limits, even in technologies once thought to be mature. Wafer bumping, wire bonding, and surface mount technology, for example, are all very active topics in the research labs and manufacturing lines. On the design side, work continues in areas like system partitioning, materials, and design tool development. With all of this progress, the bridge that spans them--design for manufacturability (DFM)--has become more important than ever.

            With the theme "Pushing the Limits in Packaging Design and Manufacturing," MEPTEC's annual industry update will feature packaging experts in these critical areas and others to present detailed technical updates.


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